About us

At the heart of our team in "The Velvet Soap" lies a shared spirit that unites us all. We are a group of individuals who share a strong belief in the value of natural beauty and the positive impact of personal care. Our backgrounds and personal experiences vary, but a unified passion for achieving positive change brings us together.

Our journey commenced with an in-depth exploration of the world of nature and its depths, where we were captivated by the potency of herbs and organic oils that nourish and enhance the skin. We engaged in extensive research and repeated experiments to understand the aspects of natural care and its effective impact.

Within our laboratory, our experiences and knowledge converged to create a unique range of products that embody our distinct concept of beauty. These products were not merely skincare tools but rather a manifestation of our shared spirit and vision. We didn't just launch products; we provided a comprehensive experience reflecting our values and principles.

We strongly believe in the power of diversity and distinction, evident in each product we offer. Our products aren't just items; they represent a gateway to discovering both inner and outer beauty for everyone. Our mission lies in inspiring people to explore their true beauty and feel proud of it.

Our products don't just bear the label "The Velvet Soap"; they carry our personal signature and our shared ethos. Each product reflects an exceptional balance between quality, efficacy, and environmental respect. We didn't limit ourselves to delivering products; rather, we offer a complete experience reflecting our principles and values. We believe that beauty should be an expression of diversity and self-respect, something we tirelessly strive for in every step of our project.